Friday, April 9, 2010

Oceans Day 2010 is coming soon!

If you have an Ocean's Day event or picture you would like posted on this blog, please contact us:


  1. Sitting here in an office in Ottawa overlooking Parliament Hill, I must admit that even thinking of the oceans is a stretch. However, after visiting this website and experiencing the links and activities of our oceans communities I am reminded that we are all part of a larger collective that includes our oceans and coasts. These things that are as big a part of me as any single element defining my own character. I am also reminded of a statement that Alanna Mitchell, author Sea Sick, Our Global Oceans in Crisis, made that noted that if all the species in our land base disappeared, the seas would persist. However, if the species of the seas disappeared, then the land species could not survive. The UN formal recognition of World Oceans Day this year is important, but Oceans Day apparently still lacks the energy that inspires our terrestrial Earth Day followers. I have no problem with this in that I seek and find a certain personal solace on Oceans Day that I find in no other. Oceans Day reminds me of Lee Ann Womacks I hope you dance, when she sings I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Perhaps that is the greatest gift of all that the oceans, and Oceans Day give us as individuals, the inspiration to think large while realizing our ultimate humility before such a daunting force of nature. And, that in the end, we will be alright. On Oceans Day and for every day, I hope you have a chance to dance by the ocean.

  2. It's so great to see so much effort to honor the protection and preservation of the world's oceans. Sometimes just seeing the water and the life that inhabits it is enough to remind us of how hard we have to work to keep the oceans as clean as possible.

    In celebration of Oceans Day, I would like to post a video called 'Orca Guardians' about orcas in upper Puget Sound. It has some beautiful ocean and orca footage.

  3. I understand that there is a film for general release on January 27, 2010 called, Oceans. I found this on a British website. Does anybody know if it will be released in Canada at that time, too?